Venu 2S

Dear Body: Venu 2 Series Helps You Prioritize You

Dear Body,

Tonight I’m going to go to bed earlier — no more binging episodes or endless scrolling. Tomorrow we’ll start out feeling fresh, rested and ready to tackle the day. Because life is better when we feel better.

At Garmin, with all of our services and products, we want to help you to live better, healthier lives — and that starts with listening to your bodies. We’re all guilty of not hearing what they have to say. We’re all guilty of skipping that workout, of choosing to chug more caffeine instead of getting more sleep, of speeding up when we should be slowing down — or of slowing down when we should be speeding up. We all have days when we don’t put our own health and wellness at the forefront, and it takes a toll.

So now we’re pledging to do better — and we’re asking you to take that pledge with us.

It’s not necessarily about losing weight (unless you want to) or running a marathon (again, unless you want to). It’s about recognizing where you’re falling short and making a commitment to prioritize yourself and your well-being — both mentally and physically, because it’s critical that your mind and body are connected. It’s about spending some time each day just focusing on you — and the Venu® 2 series was built to help in countless ways:

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2This is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition; see Pulse Ox not available in all countries.