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BlueChart® cartography is Garmin’s exclusive marine charting. It complements Garmin’s line of handheld mapping products and marine chartplotters.

This line of cartography products is designed to provide interactive viewing of detailed nautical chart data, thereby providing navigators with innovative object-oriented cartography, including 1-foot HD fishing contours and enhanced Auto Guidance. These detailed electronic nautical charts look just like paper charts when displayed on your Garmin chartplotter.
Descriptive details for features typically found on nautical charts can easily be viewed with a simple key press. Cursor movements over the chart provide descriptions for contour depths, chart number, navaid name, and much more.
Garmin BlueChart Marine Cartography

BlueChart® g2 Vision HD

BlueChart g2 Vision HD gives mariners greater capabilities on the water, with useful navigation landmarks and marine landscape detail to boost your chartplotter technology.

Enhance your navigational experience with BlueChart g2 Vision HD high-precision charting, including our 1-foot HD fishing contours and enhanced Auto Guidance technology, helping to find the best course for you.

Garmin’s most detailed digital marine data contains premium mapping features including high-resolution satellite imagery, 3D perspectives above and below the waterline, AutoGuidance technology, aerial photography of ports, harbours, marinas and waterways and coastal roads with points of interest.

  • 1-foot HD fishing contours
  • Point-to-point Auto Guidance technology finds the best course for navigation
  • High-resolution satellite imagery
  • Aerial reference photography for “real world” views of ports, harbours, marinas, etc
  • Mariner’s Eye View provides 3D perspective of chart information above the waterline for a quick, reliable and easy position fix
  • FishEye View gives 3D perspective below the waterline, displaying bottom contours based on bathymetric charting data
  • Tidal graphs, current arrows, marine services, coastal roads and points of interest detail
  • Land-based information including detailed coastal roads up to five miles inland (non-routable) and business points of interest
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Garmin BlueChartuto Guidance

Auto Guidance
Just chose your destination and Auto Guidance technology
will calculate a point-to-point path for you.

Garmin BlueChart Mariner’s Eye 3D

Mariner’s Eye 3D
High definition 3D graphics bring land and bottom contours to life.

BlueChart® g2 HD

BlueChart g2 HD mapping features 1-foot HD fishing charts, smooth layering and seamless integration of map graphics for easy panning, scrolling and zooming.

With rich colours and shading for easy interpretation and clear visibility, this marine charting offers comprehensive IALA navaid symbols and marine services and 1-foot HD fishing contours.

A choice of 3D ‘Mariner’s View’ map perspective, or the familiar 2D direct overhead view makes chart reading and orientation easier. BlueChart is styled to match the appearance of paper charts when displayed on a Garmin chartplotter or GPS mapping handheld device.

Features include shading between depth contours, spot soundings, navaids, port plans, wrecks, obstructions, intertidal zones, 1-foot HD fishing charts, restricted areas and more. BlueChart cartography is object-oriented, which means you can pan to an object on the map and instantly view information about that point. Additionally, Fishing Charts contain detailed bathymetric data in a 1-foot interval to emphasise bottom contours and depth soundings. These charts also remove navigation information from the map to reduce clutter and give clearer definition to the sea floor, ideal for fishing.

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Garmin BlueChart Fishing Charts

HD Fishing Chart
Detailed bathymetric in 1-foot interval contour lines.

Garmin BlueChart Tidal Station Charts

Tidal Station Charts
Charts for selected countries makes it easy stay ahead of the tides.

Feature Comparison g2 HD g2 Vision HD
Seamless chart presentation:
Vector object orientated data:
Shaded depth contours and inter-tidal zones with spot soundings:
Port plans:
Tidal stations for selected countries:
Aids to navigation including ranges and light sectors information:
Wrecks, restricted areas, anchorages, obstructions:
Tidal current graphs:
2D or 3D map perspective view:
Marina points of interest and slipways:
1-foot HD Fishing charts providing detailed contours:
Point-to-point Auto Guidance technology to suggest best passages:  
Tidal current flow overlay:  
Aerial photos of ports, marinas, bridges & navigational landmarks:  
Detailed coastal roads up to five miles inland (non-routable):  
POIs such as restaurants, lodging, entertainment and more:  
Realistic “view from space” high-resolution satellite imagery:  
True 3D-view “MarinerEye 3-D” above-waterline imagery:  
FishEye 3-D view below-waterline imagery:  

Current Arrows
Animated current flow arrows display
current and speed.

Aerial Photographs
Detailed high-resolution photographs of ports
and harbours.

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Inland Waterways – Helping you get out and about along the waterways of the UK and Ireland.

Our TOPO UK & Ireland Light Map, available to download for just £19.99 is compatible with a large number of Garmin GPS handhelds and plotters* and will assist you in navigating your way along the beautiful channels of the local waterways all year long.

*See ‘Compatibility’ tab for full list of devices

Learn More

Inland Waterways

View and select your BlueChart g2 HD or g2 Vision HD areas.

Search the BlueChart coverage that you need, click on the required item in the search results and be taken to the store to buy the product.

BlueChart g2 HD and g2 Vision HD Update Programs

Updates are an extremely critical issue for marine cartography, and we are committed to providing our customers with regular, biannual updates. As updates occur, we will make every effort to ensure the areas of coverage for a given card remain the same. Updates may include new data or NTM (Notice to Mariners), and any changes can be viewed on the relevant Garmin online shop page.

New Chart Guarantee

New Chart Guarantee ensures that you will always be able to access the most current charts available at the time of purchase.1

This program entitles those who have recently purchased a new preprogrammed BlueChart g2 HD or BlueChart g2 Vision HD microSD/SD card to one FREE update to the newest version of charts.

Update Charts

Discounted Update Programs

You can update your existing preprogrammed BlueChart g2 HD and BlueChart g2 Vision HD microSD/SD card for a discounted price.2

Updated charts will be for the same (or equivalent) region as the original purchase. Visit Map Updates to get started.

Update Charts

Preloaded Plotter Updates

Do you want to update your preloaded plotter with
the latest charts?

Update the preloaded BlueChart g2 maps on your chartplotter to get the latest data. Visit Map Updates and enter the serial number from your chartplotter, or insert a prepared microSD/SD card into an SD card reader connected to your computer.

You also can visit your local Garmin dealer to purchase the preloaded BlueChart g2 map updates. Update cards for UK & Ireland are available for the echoMAP 50s and 70s, echoMAP 50dv and 70dv, GPSMAP 450/450s, 451/451s, 550/550s, 551/551s, 555/555s, 556/556s, 557/557XS, 750/750s, 751/751XS, 820/820XS, and 1020/1020XS devices.

If you've had your preloaded chart plotter for less than 12 months you may be entitled to a free chart update, check the Map Updates section find out.

Update & Trade In Programmes

Three additional options to update or upgrade older BlueChart formats:
  • Update Program – return your old Garmin BlueChart g2 HD data card, and receive 50% discount for any updated g2 chart HD, regardless of size.
  • Upgrade from Traditional to BlueChart g2 HD – return your Traditional BlueChart data card, and receive a 30% discount towards any BlueChart g2 HD card, regardless of size.
  • Upgrade to BlueChart g2 Vision HD - return any Traditional or g2 HD data card and receive a 25% discount towards any BlueChart g2 Vision HD card, regardless of size.

To return your BlueChart g2 HD or g2 Vision HD cards for an update please visit your local Dealer/Chandlery or contact Garmin Europe:

Tel: +44(0) 808 238 0000
Email: [email protected]

Report Any Chart Changes

1. Updated charts will be for the same (or equivalent*) region as the original purchase. Limited to one free update per card. The New Chart Guarantee is valid within 12 months of purchase.
2. Updated charts will be for the same (or equivalent*) region as the original purchase. One discounted update, per card, per map version. Update price depends ONLY on format, not on coverage size. (microSD/SD cards only).