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Incident Detection & Assistance Requirements

Caution – Incident detection and assistance are supplemental features and SHOULD NOT be relied on as a primary method to obtain emergency assistance. Neither your device nor the Garmin Connect app contacts emergency services on your behalf.

When an incident is detected or you request assistance from your device, Garmin Connect will send your name and location to your emergency contacts. Your location is determined using our LiveTrack location tracking feature. LiveTrack creates a real-time feed of your location during an activity. You can set up emergency contacts in the Garmin Connect app.


  1. The Garmin device has LTE service enabled, or the device is connected via Bluetooth to the Garmin Connect app on a smartphone.
  2. GPS is enabled on the Garmin device.
  3. The device and/or smartphone are in an area of network coverage where data connectivity is available.
  4. The emergency contact's phone is capable of receiving text messages (standard text messaging rates may apply) and/or email.