Team Garmin-Transitions signs up to Garmin Cycle Club

Garmin, the global leader in satellite navigation is pleased to announce that it has signed up pro-cycling Team Garmin-Transitions, the top American pro cycling team dedicated to ethical sporting and developing the next generation of cycling champions, to participate in the newly announced Garmin Cycle Club scheme. 

Garmin Cycle Club is a part of Garmin Connect, an online training and community portal that allows Edge GPS users to download and share their training data and favourite routes for free.

Cycling clubs benefit from this service by being able to track the progress of individual members, upload their favourite rides and even to challenge  each other ‘virtually’ over those routes.

David Millar, Christian Vande Velde and the whole Garmin-Transitions team use Garmin Connect to develop a central hub for training sessions, race performances and most importantly personal bests from the heart of their training grounds in Girona, Barcelona.

Utilising Garmin Connect, the team can review, replay, relive and share their rides with each other, Cycle Club members and enthusiasts around the world.

Following a great start to the season by the Team, David Millar shared how Garmin Connect supports the team’s training: ““GC has become a very interesting training tool for the team, even when not at races we are a competitive bunch of guys, this leads to us trying to beat each others test times.

"Since I started using Garmin Edge GPS cycle products I’ve been able to monitor my performance and training to a degree I now take for granted. Edge 705 helps us as a team keep up to speed with what’s around the corner and lets our sports science team collect a previously unimaginable amount of valuable data."

Garmin-Transition's Robbie Hunter uses Garmin Connect to upload training data

Cycling clubs and enthusiasts can view their training sessions, race activity and performance data in one simple-to-use location with Garmin Connect and Cycle Club. Wherever a rider is, they can download another team member’s training session and take them on. If they happen to be in Gerona, the cyclist could even challenge Dan Martin and David Millar to see how they measure up over a few tried and tested home climbs.

Chris Merrell Garmin’s UK Marketing Manager said: “Having one of the world’s best pro-cycling teams showcasing the superhuman efforts they put into training and racing on Garmin Connect is awe-inspiring.

“Being able to check out how David trains, races and travels offers a major incentive to all budding cyclists out there to succeed. The technology they use is within easy reach and can help you shoot for the dream of being the next member of Team Garmin-Transitions.”

To find out more about Garmin Cycle Club and the chance to win 10 Edge 500’s for your club and a place in the Team Garmin rideout this summer, visit and set your club or association up to make use of Garmin Connect at