Steve Nash does the Red Bull X-Alps!

Garmin-sponsored Steve Nash showed exceptional courage recently when he participated in the gruelling 12-day Red Bull X-Alps 2011 race, hiking over 652km and flying 255km in all.
This non-stop 864km race from Salzburg to Monaco (as the crow flies) is much more than just an Alpine crossing, participating athletes are only allowed to cover the distance by walking, running or paragliding.
Steve, a 48-year-old electrical engineer, with his supporter Richard Bungay made up Team GBR1. Together they are to be congratulated for finishing in 19th place in the so-called toughest adventure race on earth.

K5 Unfortunately, Steve was taken out of the challenge because of an airspace violation just two days before the end of the X-Alps. But, remaining upbeat, he told us: “Garmin was an essential team sponsor because, quite simply, a reliable and accurate navigation system was one of the most important factors for success in this event. Garmin supplied us with a GPSMAP 78s (high-performance handheld GPS with compass and altimeter) and a nüLink 1695 (in-car sat nav with live services). But the most valuable product was Garmin’s topographical mapping software Basecamp because it gave us a detailed view of where we were, right down to path level, and made it easy for us to plan our route.”