Brownlee, Don and Avil sign up to Garmin Tri Club

Garmin, the global leader in satellite navigation has signed current ITU World Champions Alistair Brownlee and Hollie Avil to participate in its newly announced Garmin Tri Club scheme. 

Garmin Tri Club is a part of Garmin Connect, an online training and community portal that allows Edge and Forerunner users to download and share their training data and favourite routes for free. Triathlon clubs benefit from this service by being able to track the progress of individual members, upload their favourite training rides and runs and even challenge each other ‘virtually’ over those routes.

Tim Don, Hollie Avil & Alistair Brownlee


Garmin Tri Club will enable Alistair and Hollie, along with 2006 World Champion Tim Don to develop a central hub of training sessions and personal bests. Utilising Garmin Connect, all three potential London 2012 medalists will be able to review, relive, replay and share training activities with triathlon club members and enthusiasts around the world.

As he prepares for the defence of the ITU World Champ Series in 2010, Alistair said: “Since I started using Garmin Forerunner GPS sports watches and Edge GPS cycle products I’ve been able to monitor and track my performance and training. The award-winning GPS technology helps to keep me on track but also to be a step ahead of the competition.”

Triathlon clubs and enthusiasts can now view their training sessions, transition training and performance data in one simple-to-use location, Garmin Connect. Wherever a triathlete is, they can download another team member’s training session and take them on. If they happen to be in Loughborough, the triathlete could even challenge Tim Don to see how they measure up over a few tried and tested laps.

Chris Merrell Garmin’s UK Marketing Manager said: “we believe in the ability of Alistair, Hollie and Tim to inspire the next members of the Garmin Tri Club. Being able to check out how a World Champion trains, races and travels offers a major incentive to all those budding triathletes out there. The technology they use is within easy reach and can help you to shoot for the dream of being the next World Champion.”

Garmin Tri club is a free service that is open to all triathlon clubs and Garmin Edge and Forerunner users, to sign up visit and enter a draw for the chance to win a place in a ride out with Alistair, Hollie and Tim. To use Garmin Connect, go to

For more information on Alistair Brownlee, Hollie Avil and Tim Don visit, and

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