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Proud to Support Alzheimer’s Research UK

Proud to Support Alzheimer’s Research UK

Every three minutes, someone in the UK develops dementia, and as it stands, almost one million people in the UK are living with dementia. For each of them, their families and their friends the impact is huge.

While there are currently no effective treatments to slow, stop or cure the diseases that cause dementia, by being physically active it's possible to reduce the risk of developing dementia.

Activity Trackers

Activity Trackers

Whether you already live an active lifestyle or you just want to get started, we have the gear to take you further. From fitness trackers to smartwatches with built-in sports apps — and even smart scales with wireless connectivity — taking steps toward a more active lifestyle starts right here.

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Garmin running watches

Running Watches

No two runners are the same, and that’s exactly what we keep in mind with our running watches. From the easy-to-use GPS trainer to running watches with on-board music storage, we have a training partner that’s right for you.

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Garmin bike computers

Bike Computers

Performance racers and touring cyclists alike need technology that can be counted on. We’ve got you covered with GPS bike computers, turn-by-turn navigation, bike-specific routing, cycling awareness accessories and so much more. Get detailed data about your performance or just plan your next ride. It’s all possible.

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