inReach® Case Study: GINA Software

The 2010 Haiti earthquake triggered a humanitarian crisis that the country is still recovering from. This earthquake proved how difficult it is to coordinate hundreds of rescue forces during a massive disaster in an underserved area. Seeing an opportunity to solve this logistical problem, GINA Software founders developed a map software technology to help coordinate rescue efforts and save lives by integrating rescue systems with modern technologies.

After working with companies that range from humanitarian organizations, firefighters, emergency services, security organizations, and other quick response units across the world in insecure and remote regions, GINA staff noticed that many of these organizations were using inReach® devices, especially when they were out of cellular range or couldn’t rely on radio communication.

inReach®devices were chosen for their ability to communicate, track, and map personnel and assets via a reliable satellite connection that offers 100% global coverage.

Because of this feedback, GINA identified the need to integrate inReach devices into their software system.

“By bringing inReach’s extensive satellite communication capabilities to GINA’s command and control tool, organizations help ensure the safety of their staff and assets while responding to humanitarian crises and disasters in real time,” says Vaclav Pizl, GINA’s chief sales officer.

Now, no matter where GINA customers are, they stay connected to their headquarters and use the critical features of inReach devices without having to switch interfaces. This has enabled customers to maintain duty of standards for staff, keep personnel safe in insecure environments, and ultimately, save the lives of those caught in natural disasters or dangerous situations. For more information visit or contact [email protected].



Location: Brno, Czech Republic

Established: 2010 Website: Employees: 40

Number of devices: 00


Keep personnel safe and protected in fragile and insecure environments via reliable communication and tracking methods.

Allow assets to orient themselves in unknown territories.

Compact size for inconspicuous use.

Device that achieves the above needs and integrates with GINA System.


inReach Mini satellite communicators were chosen for their compact and reliable personal communication capabilities. The devices assist international organizations as they coordinate and respond to a range of crises and natural disasters in insecure regions.

Lightweight and Compact Satellite Communicator