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By using GPS or lasers to determine how far you are from the green or other course objects, distance measurement devices let you wear accurate distance information on your wrist, carry it in your hand or attach it to your cart.


Distance Measurement Devices
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Distance Measurement Devices

laser distance measurement

GPS vs. laser distance measurement

Our devices use built-in GPS or lasers to pinpoint your location and show the precise distance to greens, hazards and more. GPS handhelds and watches use satellites and mapping data to determine how far away you are from the front, back and middle of the green, with no effort required on the golfer’s part. A laser range finder gives an exact measurement between you and the flag or any object that you target.


Watch vs. handheld

GPS range finders come in different shapes and sizes. Some are worn on your wrist, and others are carried in your pocket or mount to a cart. It all comes down to golfer preference. Would you rather have the hands-free convenience and lifestyle statement of a watch or the larger display size available on a handheld device?