Garmin Collaborates with VAHA to Add Greater Insights for Interactive Home Workouts

A new must-have in at-home training, the VAHA Fitness Mirror now comes with a Garmin® voucher redeemable for a free Garmin HRM-Dual™ heart rate monitor or to put toward other select Garmin wearables. Pair your heart rate monitor or your compatible Garmin smartwatch with VAHA for real-time heart rate tracking and/or integrate your Garmin Connect™ account to get even more insights into your VAHA workout journey with data gathered via the Garmin Health API.

What is VAHA?

VAHA, pronounced vahā’a, is a Punjabi word that translates as “flow.” The philosophy behind the company and its products is “success through an effortless, happy and fulfilled journey – through the flow state.” Adopting a holistic approach, the VAHA interactive home mirror delivers fully personalised, immersive sessions for body, mind and nutritional health. The full-length mirror, which comes in two sizes, is also a touchscreen and display, showing your stats, animated workouts and video with a personal trainer of your choice. VAHA’s sensors also capture your movements and use AI to give you instant feedback to help you improve.

Collaboration with Garmin

After being selected as a finalist for the Garmin Health Awards 2021, VAHA is collaborating with Garmin by offering new members a voucher for a free Garmin HRM-Dual heart rate monitor when they complete a 30-day trial. Valerie Bures-Bönström, CEO of VAHA, said about the collaboration, “Garmin wearables are the first choice in the fitness and sport segment. The integration and bundling into our fitness mirror solution secure the best of both worlds.”

With the free Garmin heart rate monitor or a compatible Garmin smartwatch, you can connect via BLUETOOTH and track your heart rate live during any workout on the VAHA fitness mirror. By integrating your Garmin Connect account, the VAHA fitness mirror and the VAHA app will also show your entire activity history, including running, cycling and swimming, recorded with a Garmin wearable device. Other stats about your sleep, Body Battery™, stress and recovery will also be added to your VAHA journey, revealing more about how your fitness impacts your general well-being and vice versa, helping you to make better decisions about your exercise and other habits.

Connected Training

The increase in at-home exercising has seen some great advances in technology and convenience. With VAHA and Garmin, users can have a personal trainer, individual training programmes and advice, health insights and a range of workouts to suit their mood.

“The VAHA solution is a real innovation in the home-gym market,” said Jörn Watzke, Garmin Health Senior Director of Global Business Development. “We are delighted to leverage the power of Garmin wearable technology at the innovative solution/service of VAHA.”