Garmin 重視您的隱私

Our goal is to make sure you know how we collect, use, share, and store your personal data when you use Garmin navigation mobile apps, including Garmin HUD apps, NAVIGON apps, NAVIGON Select Telekom Edition apps, Garmin StreetPilot apps, the Garmin Sony Xperia Edition app, Vault and Live View services, the Garmin Smartphone Link app, and the Garmin Drive app. NAVIGON is a Garmin brand but is no longer supported.

Garmin 收集什麼資料?

您使用 Garmin 行動導航應用程式時,我們會請您提供聯絡資訊、位置、裝置資訊和電子郵件地址等個人資料,以便您獲得個人化支援,接收裝置的相關重要資訊,並且從我們的產品中獲得最大效益。


When You Make a Garmin Account

Garmin stores information such as your name, email address, and password so you can sign in, and it helps us verify your account if you call customer support.

When You Contact Garmin

We know you want to stay off the grid, but we may collect things such as your contact and device information during support calls to ensure that you get the help you need.

When You Use Live Location-based or Voice-based Services

We need to collect your device information and location to provide quality live services. Can you imagine getting an accurate weather forecast or up-to-date traffic data without a location? That would be tough!

We collect the information above plus your request and other relevant information we may need to give you the proper response to your voice command or request.

We also process your app store account email address to be sure that we’re providing the services you’ve subscribed to or purchased.

When You Use Telekom Select Edition Apps

We collect device information when you use or make purchases within Telekom Select Edition apps to make sure you are a subscriber to the service and to help complete your orders.


當您使用 Vault 或 Live View 等功能時,我們會收集或串流影片、音訊、位置、速度及其他相關資料。如此一來,您可以檢視、編輯和分享錄製的影片,或是觀賞即時影片。我們僅會儲存您手動儲存或透過事件偵測自動儲存的影片。

Why does Garmin ask for your personal data?

From providing product support to giving you the latest software, any information we ask you for is used to improve your experience.

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To Keep You Informed

When we have something important to tell you about your products, apps, subscriptions, or account — such as vital safety information, app updates, new products or deals, and updates to our privacy policy — we use collected contact information to reach you.

To Improve Our Sites and Apps

When you visit our sites or use our apps, we collect information — such as your IP address, location, times that you visit, and more — to let us know how people navigate our sites and apps and how we can improve them.

To Give You Information You Might Actually Find Interesting

We use things such as analytics tools to help us improve the quality and functionality of our apps.

We also use these tools to see how effective our ads are and to identify any problems that we need to fix. All in all, we just want to give you applications worth using.

Does Garmin sell your personal data?

No! We don’t sell your personal data to anyone. And we only share your personal data with others in specific situations.

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Within Garmin

Garmin is global, which means your personal data may be stored locally or in another country or transferred between Garmin companies. No matter where your information is within Garmin, it is still secured under this privacy policy.

With Service Providers

We share personal data with third parties who provide services — such as fulfilling orders or delivering live data — so you can take advantage of the features they make possible.

With Others

Garmin will share your personal data when you ask us to or when required to by law enforcement and in other legal matters.

Data That Doesn’t Identify You

We sometimes share or sell aggregated, de-identified data with or to strategic partners and other third parties.


請造訪帳號管理中心提出申請。深入瞭解您的權利 (位在行動導航應用程式隱私權政策中)。