XM WX Satellite Weather®

Viewable on a variety of portable and panel-mount Garmin cockpit displays, XM WX Satellite Weather gives you the confidence of knowing the meteorological conditions ahead.

XM WX Satellite Weather is a breakthrough in flight safety and pilot situational awareness. It uses a unique space-based platform of geostationary satellites positioned to provide continuous datalink coverage across the continental U.S. (and parts of Canada).

See What's Ahead

XM WX data comes accuracy-assured by WxWorx, the leading provider of weather analysis for the broadcast television industry.

Display more than 20 different types of graphical aviation weather data, including detailed NEXRAD and METARs data, as well as current reports on precipitation, lightning, winds aloft, echo tops, freezing levels, turbulence, and TFRs. A choice of XM WX subscription packages lets you select the level of sophistication you want.

More than 90% of today’s GA airframe manufacturers have adopted this technology on their aircraft.

Satellite Sound

One XM antenna can support both XM weather and XM Radio datalinks. With an additional XM subscription and a sound-enabled Garmin receiver, enjoy more than 170 channels of continuous music, news, talk and sports programming.

This XM audio interface capability will work with the GDL 69A satellite receiver on panel-mount GNS 400W and 500W series navigators, as well as the GMX 200, G600, and G1000® multifunction displays. For even more flexibility in aircraft equipped with the GDL 69A, there’s an optional GRC 10/GRT 10 wireless remote system that lets you control channels and volume from anywhere in the cabin.

To receive and display XM WX data in your cockpit, you’ll need each of the following key components:

  • a Garmin manufactured XM WX-capable receiver
  • a compatible antenna
  • a compatible display device
  • a subscription to XM WX Satellite Weather