Select the appropriate toolkit to support you in the development of unique Garmin content. We provide the software and infrastructure to help you build a bespoke service to benefit your customers and the flourishing worldwide Garmin user network.

Content Toolkit

Develop custom points of interest (POI), bespoke routes, unique voices and sounds compatible with our latest sat-navs. The toolkit includes Garmin Points of Interest and Voice Creator software to help you generate new content as well as web hosting and transfer tools to supply the files to customers straight from your own site.

Fleet Management Toolkit

This resource has been developed to support those interested in leveraging the Fleet Management features in Garmin personal navigation devices. Resources include the communication protocols and system requirements of the Garmin Fleet Management Interface to help you develop and deliver unique, tailored business solutions.

Garmin Communicator plug-in API

Transfer your bespoke data between the web and a Garmin GPS device with this cross-platform/ browser plug-in. Specific features include auto-detection of connected devices and the two-way transfer of waypoint, route, track log, fitness and map data between your customer’s Garmin and your website.

MapSource product creator (MPC)

Local Garmin distributors can use the MapSource Product Creator to develop tailored mapping products for their markets. With already-created applications ranging from full country topographic maps and tours to pursuit-specific street maps, visit this flourishing community to discover how Garmin mapping technology is opening up new adventures.

LBS Toolkit

Incorporate Garmin GPS navigation directly into your Java-based mobile application with this flexible location-based service (LBS) platform. Besides navigation, the toolkit incorporates API, local search, real-time content and mobile advertising delivery services to enhance the value and functionality of your location-minded mobile applications.

Web Services

Integrate Garmin web services into your application or web site with tools such as the MotionBased Web Services API. The MotionBased User Interface Library opens up a set of Flash and JavaScript utilities and controls to add dynamic components to web applications. The Garmin Communicator plug-in API enables communication with Garmin GPS products directly from a web application.