Kebijakan Privasi Garmin

Kami peduli tentang privasi Anda, dan kami tahu Anda juga peduli. Lihat kebijakan privasi kami untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang bagaimana Garmin menggunakan, menyimpan, dan melindungi data pribadi Anda.

Privacy Policy Updates

The following is a summary of updates we made to our privacy policies for many of our sites, products and apps. These changes are effective June 6, 2019, for all users.

  • Updated and corrected spellings, word choices, links and addresses to maintain accuracy
  • Removed sections about data collected when you sign in with social media credentials because we no longer offer that service
  • Added relevant links to resources in the Your Rights sections of our policies
  • Added information about our Privacy Shield certification
  • Updated third-party providers to include new providers and exclude ones we no longer use
  • Added information for users in the U.K. in preparation for Brexit
  • Described newly available features, services and apps that upload new data to Garmin when syncing devices or that process data we already have in a new way
  • Garmin Connect only: added information about data that is visible to vívofit jr. family members during challenges and about the use of Garmin Connect data, with your permission, to develop or improve our products
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