Jenny Fletcher

Professional Triathlete

Growing up on a farm in Canada, Jenny was passionate about a great many physical pursuits, including tap and jazz dancing, volleyball and horseback riding. It was her love of horses that introduced her to a sport called tetrathlon, which consists of running, swimming, shooting and cross-country horse jumping. When she began modeling at the age of 15, Jenny’s love of sports came into conflict, and she had to make a choice. After pursuing modeling full time, she eventually found her way back to sports when she entered her first sprint triathlon in 2004. She was hooked and hasn’t looked back since.

First place 2012 Branson 70.3

Third place 2016 Guadeloupe 70.3

10th place in first full-distance IM: Challenge Roth

Favorite Dish

Cheddar cheese and bacon burger with fries

Favorite Race

“Escape from Alcatraz”


Fletch, Fletchy or JJ

Favorite Magazine

US Weekly

Favorite Moment in History

All of it… and still being here to say I’ve survived

Most Humbling Moment

Which one?? Haha. My first DNF sucked pretty bad

Favorite Book

Last book was “Present over Perfect”

Jenny’s Training Partner

Forerunner® 935

“I travel the world racing tris and supporting other triathletes. I love that I can do a race, anywhere in the world and instantly share all my stats through the Garmin app.”
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