Peanuts or Pretzels? Meet a Couple Who Loves Traveling & Geocaching

National Elephant Center - Florida

Introducing Elizabeth and Josh of Peanuts or Pretzels.
They’re married travel bloggers who absolutely love traveling around the world,
and learning about the culture and people who live there. They enjoy sharing
their travel experiences and helpful tips with other through their blog,
Peanuts or Pretzels. They’re always up for laughter, a good adventure, and a
bit of geocaching too!

Butterfly Temple - Angkor Wat, Cambodia

 They enjoy geocaching because it’s a reason to venture into
the unknown. “Every cacher does it differently, but we mainly go for caches
outside their city because it gives us a reason to explore new places,” they
said. “The amazing thing about geocaching is that it’s a treasure hunt that not
everyone knows about. So in a way, it’s our own secret to exploring a


Glencoe, Scotland

They really enjoy geocaching internationally, because it can
take them off the beaten tourist path. “ An example would be the secret hiking
trail we found along a mountainside in the Scottish Highlands, with an amazing
view out over a misty loch that no tour book mentioned,” Elizabeth said. “Or,
the hidden Butterfly Temple we found at Angkor Wat. There were thousands of
tourists swarming the main temples, but we were the ONLY people exploring this
one…all because of a geocache!”

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

 Geocaching has also taken them to some popular sights during
their travels; like the clever micro-cache they found hidden under a railing in
the middle of Dublin. “It was a fun challenge to navigate to this cache without
attracting any attention of the ‘muggles’ (non-geocaching folk),” Josh said. “Having
our Garmin GPS in our adventure bag during our travels keeps us prepared for
the next find, or to keep us from getting totally lost!”

Petronas Towers - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For Elizabeth and Josh, life’s about having fun, being open
minded, learning from others, and enjoying every day. Be sure to check back as
we follow Elizabeth and Josh on their upcoming adventures!


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their blog, Peanuts or Pretzels, click here.