Jimmy Smith Wins Southern Enduro Tour

There may be people who have more time on a mountain bike, but there’s nobody who works harder than ambassador Jimmy Smith. Jimmy was born in Southern California, grew up in Hawaii, educated in Missouri and just moved to Colorado this May to live out his dreams of competing in the world of competitive enduro mountain biking.

Jimmy’s ultimate goal with enduro is to compete at the highest level of the sport, the Enduro World Series. He’s been on bikes starting at a young age and began to ride BMX in middle school. That shortly turned into an obsession for Jimmy and after getting sponsored by a few companies, he started to ride BMX professionally at age 18. That background definitely gave Jimmy a huge advantage when he hopped on a mountain bike.

From February to May of this year, Jimmy competed in a regional Enduro Series called the Southern Enduro Tour. After five stops he was able to ride away with the win for the overall series.

“Being my first year racing enduro I am super stoked on that, it definitely helped me learn a lot about the sport very quickly. Oh! And just graduated from college, pretty pumped on that as well.”

Jimmy bought his first mountain bike in March of 2016 and have been totally consumed with it ever since. He now rides for Kuat Racks, Pivot Cycles, Smith Optics, and of course Garmin.

“I honestly don’t know what I would do without all my Garmin devices. My Edge 820 has been one of the most useful training tools I could imagine. With my BMX background I have all the bike control I need, so training my fitness has been crucial and the Edge 820 really helps me do that in the most effective and efficient way possible. My fēnix 5x is on my wrist at all times and I have developed a pretty gnarly tan line to prove it. The 24hr heart rate monitoring is incredibly intriguing and I love looking at my sleep patterns with the connect app. It will also do pretty much everything the Edge 820 does, so I use it to track rides where I don’t need to constantly monitor my power and heart rate.”

Jimmy also uses Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 action cameras to help train for each course differently.

“Enduro is a pretty unique discipline. Sometimes you have to race on tracks at a very high speeds that you may have only seen once. Having the VIRB on while pre-riding is absolutely crucial, it allows you to go back later and review the different stages you rode. It makes a huge difference to know what’s coming around every corner or drop and using the VIRB really helps with that.”

Jimmy will now compete in the IMBA National Enduro Series until the end of August. It’s is the first series of its kind that’s made up of entirely EWS qualifying events and it includes races all across the country. To learn more about Jimmy Smith and his battle to compete in the EWS you can visit his website here.

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