Jake’s Journal: At Red Rock with Runner’s World

JakesjournalRwguysSomehow I ignored the temptations of the snooze button at 5 a.m. in my Las Vegas hotel room so that I could join up with Sean and Brian from Runner’s World to exercise with new devices and exorcise our Vegas vices.

We arrived at Red Rock Canyon before sunrise, ready for a 10K with a couple Forerunner 405s and an abundance of clean, brisk air (a rarity on the Vegas strip). We also had a Colorado 400t to show us the topographic detail of our surroundings in stunning clarity. And the 3D elevation perspective confirmed the challenge ahead on our hilly route. So we set a pace for "the little man" inside our watch, the Forerunner’s Virtual Partner that is always on and adjustable. And though our 5K uphill was rewarded with a 5K downhill, by the end we were gassed. The little man wasn’t. Sure, the screen of the 405 showed him leaning over and catching his breath (well ahead of us), but we all knew that he was baiting us for the next challenge. There are two things I’ve learned about the Virtual Partner: He’s always ready, and he always hits his pace. Undeterred by our three-way tie for second place, Sean, Brian and I did some video footage of the 405 and the Colorado. To watch the videos, click here for Forerunner 405 and here for Colorado 400t.