Geocaching in Central Park with Peanuts or Pretzels


Elizabeth and Josh, bloggers for Peanuts or Pretzels, are back with some new, exciting caches! This time they traveled to New York City and did some geocaching in Central Park. Using their Garmin Oregon® 650t they set off to find caches and explore New York City at the same time. 

While in Central Park, they found two caches. One when they first arrived and the other took a little bit of effort. Knowing it was a popular cache, because of all the Favorite Points on their 650t, they were eger to find this cache. Their walk to find this cache was beautiful and they have plently of pictures over at their blog. After spending a while looking, they finally discovered the cache. This one was big enough for Trackables, an object placed within geocaches that contain a unique tracking code.


Geocaching lets Elizabeth and Josh explore Central Park in a fun and unique way. Check out their blog for the whole story and more geocaching posts!