Explore while you Travel: Geocaching in Cambodia

Cambodia 1

Geocaching can be a great way to explore new areas and
popular destinations while traveling, and our friends over at Peanuts or
do just that on their adventures. On their trip to Cambodia, Liz and
Josh had a great time exploring the vast temples of Angkor Wat and seeing the
smiling faces of Bayon, but they knew a geocache was nearby, just waiting to be

 Turns out there was a cache less than a mile from where they
were, so they followed their Oregon
up a hill that looked out over the Terrace of the Elephants, which
is an ancient structure that was used as a viewing stand for public ceremonies.
After a little searching, Josh was finally able to locate it, and they were
able to find their first Cambodian geocache. 

Cambodia 2


Geocaching is an awesome way to explore new places while on
traveling. Josh and Liz do a great job of documenting their adventures, so be
sure to check out their blog, Peanuts
or Pretzels
, for tips and tricks on how to incorporate geocaching into your
next vacation!