inReach: Good Samaritan Saves Life of Injured Kayaker

Whether you’re hiking or biking, climbing or camping, canoeing or kayaking, hunting or fishing, the DeLorme inReach will bring the experience to life. The inReach’s true power lies in the peace of mind it brings to your adventures. Whether you worry less or whether your loved ones worry less, it enables you to go farther and to experience more without any wondering or second-guessing. And in an emergency, the inReach’s tracking and two-way SOS are the most valuable tools in your survival kit. Send messages, receive messages, track your routes, update social networks, and engage the wilderness like never before.

Recently, a canoe party on the Allagash River in northern Maine spotted a severely injured kayaker at the base of Allagash Falls. He used an inReach that he had borrowed from his father to declare SOS and begin organizing an emergency evacuation.

Members of the Maine Ranger Service and the Maine Warden Service arrived on the scene and helped transport the injured kayaker, a New Jersey native, up river where an ambulance was waiting.

Due to the isolated location of the Allagash Falls, Game Warden Adrian Marquis said the kayaker was fortunate that the canoeing party was carrying an inReach, which enabled them to send text messages to law enforcement for assistance.

“There’s no cell service out there so it was a good thing they had that,” Warden Marquis said.

We are so happy that everyone made it home safely after such a horrible incident, but no matter where your adventure takes you, inReach can help you share and protect your life anywhere in the world. Join the adventure and share your stories with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram using #HaveNoLimits.