Connect IQ: Ozmo – Track and Achieve Your Daily Hydration

Are you an avid runner, cyclist, or hiker? If so, you’ve probably thought to yourself “am I drinking enough water?” or “how much water do I need to stay hydrated?” Now, with the Ozmo water bottle and the Ozmo Hydration widget available through the Connect IQ store, you can track your daily hydration with select Garmin watches.

What is Ozmo? It’s a complete system designed to help you achieve a greater level of wellness. With the ability to measure and record both your water and coffee consumption, the smart bottle and companion app track your progress throughout the day to help you reach your hydration goals. So, you’ll know whether that 4pm latte is a good idea, or how much you should drink after a 5-mile bike ride. With Ozmo, you can go about your day feeling healthy and energized, wherever you go, whatever you do.

To begin, you’ll need an Ozmo water bottle and a compatible Garmin watch. Next, download the Ozmo Hydration widget from the Connect IQ Store and link the Ozmo app to your Garmin watch in Settings > Add Device > Trackers.

With the Ozmo Hydration widget you will get your weekly hydration summary and full insights as to when you are achieving and missing out on hydration. The Ozmo App and Widget works best with Ozmo Smart Bottle available at, but if you don’t have an Ozmo Bottle you can manually log your daily consumption as well.

The Connect IQ store is available on a wide range of Garmin products across all markets and each app, widget, watch face, and data field can be downloaded at no charge to the user. The Connect IQ Store can be found at or in the device tab of Garmin Connect. It can also be found in the device page of Garmin Express, or the ‘More’ section of Garmin Connect Mobile. To learn more about developing a Connect IQ app, visit

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