Ambassador Stories: Jeremy Martin

The ability to recognize the beauty in life and let those moments draw you in is a true passion for our newest outdoor ambassador. Meet Jeremy Martin, an Alaskan based photographer who runs, surfs, and travels all over the world.

Jeremy is originally from Hermosa Beach, CA but is currently living in Alaska where he captures amazing astrophotography Counter intuitively, before taking a serious interest in photography, Jeremy was a hairstylist for many years and worked all over Beverly Hills, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara. Since putting down the scissors almost ten year ago, Jeremy has been semi-retired and just recently started to focus on his skills behind the camera.

“I have always had adventure in my blood but only picked up a camera about 2 years ago. After getting an injury from running I needed something to occupy my time so I started to document some of my adventures.”

Jeremy is always on the move. When he’s not shooting photographs he continually challenging his personal fitness. Whether it is hiking long distance trails, riding big waves, or running ultra marathons, he doesn’t stop. His latest personal accomplishment was last week as he ran 22 miles with 5k ft. of vert.


Jeremy uses a Montana 680t to help navigate his adventures and in a few weeks Jeremy will travel to San Francisco to run the North Face 50. From there he will be returning home for different backpacking and ski trips in Alaska to capture more spectacular imagery. Just this year Jeremy spent a month in Nepal and two weeks in Thailand as well as traveling around the lower 48 in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and California.

“Be brave. Original. and don’t let fear stop you from doing things in life no matter what they are. If I am scared of something it just means I will be even more stoked when I accomplish it.”


Jeremy’s enthusiasm and adventurous spirit has encouraged many others to get outside and see more of the world. We are so proud to call him an ambassador. Join the adventure and check out Jeremy’s amazing outdoor photography here and don’t forget to share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and use #HaveNoLimits.