Adventure racing with Garmin Enduro 2

Adventure Racing — How the Enduro 2 Multisport Watch Has Your Back

If you’re taking on your first 12-hour adventure race or preparing for a multiday expedition race, you need gear you can count on. Think epic battery life that can take on 30-hour-plus events, training tools, safety alerts and an adventure race mode that complies with competition rules. But before you’ve even made it to the start line, you’ll need to have put in months of training, so it pays to have a trusted ally on your wrist to help your race go as smoothly as possible.

Your ally? Enduro™ 2.

It’s built for the extremes. The ends of the earth. Those races regular folk couldn’t dream of undertaking — but we know you’re anything but ordinary. Its rugged and lightweight design has a large 1.4″ solar powered display and 51 mm case with a sapphire lens, making it easy to read directions or midrace stats on the move. The UltraFit band gives you comfort for any adventure race, so you’re free to keep pushing. Speaking of pushing, we’ve taken battery life to the next level for Enduro 2. Drawing energy from the sun, it keeps you running with up to 150 hours of battery life when in GPS mode1 — that’s enough to power the adventure racing mode features of elevation, timer, lap time, time of day, HR, compass and start time. You can also start a sleep timer so you don’t rest for too long.

For regular training, you’ll get up to 34 days of battery life in smartwatch mode — with an extra 12 days when solar charging2 — giving you a more complete picture of your health and fitness.

Before you make it to the start line, you’ll need to focus on your training. This smartwatch is designed to get you ready for the longest races on earth with advanced training aids, such as trail run VO2 max and ClimbPro, which provide real-time information on your current and upcoming climbs, descents and flats. You’ll have an enhanced recovery timer on hand with workout recommendations based on your sleep and wellness data3. Trend data shows how your training is having an impact over time. When you’re putting in the miles, the NextFork™ map guide makes it easy to navigate with a quick glance while you’re out on the trail. And you’ll be able to see the distance to the next trail intersection along with the name of the upcoming trail. And if your next adventure race is taking you to extreme climates or elevations, you can use the heat and altitude feature to see how your body is performing in different environments with heat and altitude acclimation.

Enduro 2 features an adventure racing profile and is one of a few Garmin watches that are the only GPS-enabled products approved by the ARWS for competition. This allows you to see your heart rate, elevation, segment times and other metrics while you race. This activity profile records GPS, but you’re not able to see your location based on adventure race rules. The summary screen can be used to verify your finish time with the race officials.

To help you stay aware of your surroundings during an adventure race, the watch’s superbright LED flashlight lights up when the sun sets. It offers variable intensities with a strobe that matches your running cadence and also has a red light mode to help you keep an eye on your immediate surroundings while navigating at night. And the multi-band GPS with SatIQ™ technology ensures you’ve got the best positioning accuracy while also optimizing the device’s battery life to track your races.

With incredible battery life, training features and navigation, Enduro 2 is the perfect companion for the toughest races around. Now all that’s left for you to do is make it to the start line, then do your thing — knowing Enduro 2 will have your back every step of the way.

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1Assumes continuous use for entire period in 50,000 lux conditions

2Assumes all-day wear with 3 hours per day outside in 50,000 lux conditions