Garmin Marine Ambassador Spotlight: Thomas Spencer

I’m a fisherman and a photographer based out of North Carolina. I try to capture what is authentic and unique to eastern North Carolina: people making an honest living by working hard on the land and the water, farming tobacco and peanuts, fishing and crabbing.

My “Fish Hunt Photo” business has evolved into more of a focus on boats, and boat building. Here in coastal NC, we are home to some of the best boat builders in the world, who’s builds you will find all over the world. My goals and aspirations for the future will be to continue to challenge myself to get better. Get sharper images, get more creative, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

I choose Garmin because it is a company name that is synonymous with quality, assurance, and safety on the water. When you have the best, it allows you to be the best. Get aboard any top notch tournament team’s boat and head to the bridge; there is a reason you wont find anything but Garmin up there for them to rely on.

When I’m not on the water, I’m obsessed with lawn care.

This post was written by Garmin Ambassador, Tom Spencer. Keep up with Tom’s adventures by following him on Instagram (@fishhuntphoto) and Facebook (@fishhuntphoto).

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