Garmin Health Collaborates with Nudge Labs by Providing Continuous Stress Data for New App

Many businesses regard their employees as their most important asset. With this in mind, companies can now offer products and programs to help improve employees’ physical and mental well-being, for improved job retention and productivity, decreased absenteeism and reduced stress, and increased happiness. The NudgeLabs app does just that, using data from Garmin® wearables to track activity and health metrics, allowing personalized recommendations and greater user engagement.

Work-related stress can cause anything from sleep problems to burnout. The NudgeLabs app uses biometrics from Garmin devices to gain insight into the well-being of employees and provide personalized suggestions to help reduce stress. Data such as steps, intensity minutes, sedentary time, stress levels, sleep, heart rate and resting heart rate1 are recorded on a Garmin wearable and delivered through the Garmin Health APINudgeLabs experts compare user data to benchmarks to find and suggest behavior changes that will have the greatest impact on an individual’s well-being and performance. Continued monitoring with the Garmin device is then used to reinforce the benefits of these behavioral changes.

According to NudgeLabs CEO Magnus Liungman, “Continuous stress data is paramount to provide deep and personalized insights. Garmin is the only large provider with this functionality. As such, Garmin is our first and so far only wearable integration. We needed continuous stress data, inexpensive devices, high diversity of design and good battery life. Garmin was a natural choice.”

The data collected on a Garmin smartwatch or other wearable, in addition to the analysis and feedback carried out by NudgeLabs, gives users greater self-awareness and control and may help employers to focus on illness prevention and stress management for their staff.

To learn more about the science behind stress tracking from Garmin, visit our Health Science page.