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The Seven Dimensions of Wellness and How You Can Increase Your Overall Well-being

Most people view wellness as a balance between mental and physical health. And while both are important, there’s actually more to it than that — five more to it to be exact. When it comes to your well-being, there are a total of seven components that all work together to impact your quality of life. And while that number might sound intimidating, they’re all concepts you’re familiar with; you’ve just probably never looked at them this holistically before.

Physical Wellness
“Move your body every day.” We’ve all heard that a thousand times. And while movement is a part of physical wellness, it’s not the only part. The right foods can make a huge difference in how you feel and how well your body functions. Take time to get to know that body of yours so you know when it’s at its best and can address what’s wrong when it’s not.

Emotional Wellness
We love the thought that feelings are for feeling. And emotional wellness is just that: recognizing your emotions for what they are and giving yourself space to feel them. Tune in to your thoughts and express yourself. Keep in mind: Of all the wellness dimensions, this one requires the most self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Social Wellness
This is less about thriving in groups and more about interaction within our communities — no matter what that community looks like to you. Social wellness is respect for yourself and respect for others when it comes to contributions within relationships. Build meaningful connections, support one another and communicate openly.

Intellectual Wellness
Complacency is the opposite of intellectual wellness. When things in our lives get stale, so do we. Explore new skills, find new challenges, pick up a new hobby to diversify your experiences. Simply put, never lose the desire to learn — ask questions and seek to understand.

Spiritual Wellness
This dimension looks different to everyone. Spiritual wellness is all about seeking purpose and meaning in your life. What that looks like is up to you. Some people find it through meditating or stepping into nature. Regardless of how it’s done, having a set of guiding beliefs can help give direction to your life.

Environmental Wellness
Where would we be without Mother Nature? This wellness dimension is about staying conscious of our impact on the earth. Working to maintain harmony and minimizes harm is the name of this game. Try to conserve resources, be mindful of consumption and recycle.

Occupational Wellness
This dimension focuses on fulfilment in the workplace while also asking you to create healthy boundaries between life’s responsibilities and career. Work-life balance … it’s not an easy concept. But here the main idea is that when you are working, you’re working toward something that feels valuable to who you are and who you want to be.

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