Get there with Garmin and MSN Direct

Garmin.msn We’re always working on ways to help you get where you’re going. And we’ve got a great new feature for those of you who use MSN Direct. We’ve worked with Microsoft to allow MSN Direct users to wirelessly send points of interest from Google Maps to their MSN Direct-compatible nüvi. As you know, MSN Direct users benefit from having traffic details, weather forecasts, movie times and more right at their fingertips. And now we’ve added even more convenience to this great functionality by allowing wireless POI transfers. Sending is easy; just search for the point you want on Google Maps and, once you find it, click on the Send link. Select GPS and then Garmin. On the resulting page select the MSN Direct tab and click the Send by MSN Direct button. (You may be prompted for your MSN Direct username and password.) The point will be sent wirelessly to your MSN Direct enabled nüvi and should appear on the device within minutes. It’s quick. It’s easy. And it’s a great way to plan a trip from the comfort of your computer. Take it for a test drive today!