Wings for Life World Run: Meet Austria’s Monika Kalbacher

Join us as we travel around the world to meet different athletes planning to run the Wings for Life World Run on May 8, 2016. Each week, we’ll share content to help you train or learn more about the World Run. Monika Kalbacher from Vienna, Austria, has been a passionate fan of Garmin. We’re happy to have her join us for this guest blog. 

I am flight attendant from Vienna and a passionate marathon runner who runs at places all over the world.

I started racing about 6 years ago, at the age of 30. I ran the Vienna City Marathon – just to be able to tell everyone that I’ve finished a marathon – like something you just do once in a lifetime. But I ended up in a very good place and that made me curious about my running skills. I started training ambitiously and loving to have a goal. Since that time I sign up for two marathons every year with a preparation time for 10 weeks each. My greatest achievement and personal best was the New York City Marathon in 2014. I made it on the 42nd place among all female runners and finished at a time of 02:58:56. When I am not in training for a marathon, I do some trail or ultra running. I simply enjoy running to explore the world with my own feet.


I am also a huge Garmin Fan. I’ve been using their GPS watches since I started running. I like tracking and evaluating my training and being able to see my progress. Last year I became part of their promotion team and started racing for “Team Garmin Austria” which takes me to many of the biggest Austrian running and sports events. The Wings For Life World Run will be one of those events and I am really looking forward to participate in that unique kind of race.However, I really love the long distances and that’s why I like taking part in the Wings For Life World Run. I know I can make it very far. Running for a good reason – for the people who can’t – all over the world – at the same time. There’s no better way! Can’t wait!

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