Vívoactive Basics: The Biking App


In addition to being able to track running, swimming and golfing, vívoactive can measure what you do on your bike.

The GPS-enabled cycling app measures time, speed, distance and calories. You can take your ride to the next level by pairing vívoactive with sensors that will allow you to measure your cadence and heart rate. You will want to make sure to upload all of your data to Garmin Connect to review and learn from your stats to improve on future workouts.

Depending on your preference,  vívoactive can be mounted directly onto the bike or worn on the wrist. 


Vívoactive is the latest expansion in the line of fitness products, which focuses on developing leading technologies and innovations to enhance users’ lives and promotes healthy and active lifestyles. Garmin fitness devices are becoming essential tools for athletes both amateur and elite.

If you want to learn more about vívoactive and it’s features, visit garmin.com/vivoactive.  

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