Taking A Insta-Worthy Fitness Selfie With Ambassador Bre Carter

Ambassador Bre Carter is known for her positive attitude, incredible friendship and dedication to beat yesterday, which shines through her amazing photos on her Instagram account, @Bre_Fontaine. The “selfie” craze has blown up the fitness world with individuals showing up their impeccable abs, wrists displaying their watch with how many miles ran or calories burned, and even the athleisure style workout clothes they wear. Bre keeps it simple and stunning with gorgeous backdrops of Utah scenery, creative angles, poses and the ability to inspire the athlete in all of us to conquer whatever we set our minds to. Enjoy the following Q&A with Bre on how she gets the perfect shot.

Garmin: Who takes your awesome running shots?

Bre Carter: Well, that’s nice and let’s just say, with a little time, I’ve embraced the running selfie. It took some trial and error with tips from other Instagram running homies, but after that, I’ve really enjoyed capturing my run and the places running takes me.

G: Do you use your phone or a digital camera? Any additional equipment or tripod?

BC: I dig the easy, one stop shop, if you will, phone photography. I use an iPhone 6S in a LifeProof case. Set on timer burst mode with a 10 second count down, then I run by, toe touch or say cheese and it snaps 10-13 pics. Easy peasy. As far as extra equipment goes, I’ve had (and used on occasion) a remote, small “octopus” style tripod, a $5 bendy phone “man” that can hang and a selfie stick that I jammed in the snow this year while snow training. Obviously, running with extra gear is mostly annoying and not ideal for training. I’ll stick them in my fit belt, hydration pack or take them to the track. But, I often leave the extra gear home and carry my phone only in my belt. I just prop it up on rocks, fence posts and what not to catch the run.

G: How many do you usually take before you choose one to post?

BC: Honestly it depends on a few factors, such as, time, location, battery life and the run I’m on, but on average… I’d say 5 shots. That makes about 60 pics that I narrow down to 15, then edited down even more. I’ll glance through them between every few bursts, and make adjustments on the angle, focus, and distance.

G: Do you have any tips/tricks to taking fitness selfies?

BC: There are so MANY of these types of pics around that I can’t stand. Yes, I said it. Everyone has their own “tricks” and interests depending on purpose. The body and its physique is absolutely inspiring. So, my tip, to myself as well, is CREATIVITY in a modest ANGLE, mix up the close shoe shots with different directions of running, and be as authentic and real to running as possible. I try and take all my shots when I’m really out there, right before or when I finish.

G: Do you use any editing software to help you?

BC: Yes. Always, in fact. I believe a good edit can make or break the pictures ability to stand out. As of now, I use, the Camera+ app on my phone. Most often, my editing consists of adding flash, then varying amounts of intensity, vibrancy boost and sharpen. I’ll crop and throw a little angle in there as well. I try for a clear, natural look that’s easy on the eyes.

G: Do your pictures represent the kind of run you had? For example, a jumping in the air big smile picture means great miles? Or do you put a smile on, even how difficult your run might have been.

BC: The majority of them end up that way. I’m kind of a freestyle runner. Meaning, I hop curbs, jump puddles, off rocks or I’ll get a wild itch and do toe touches off things as “stretching”. So, I’ll try and capture that passion and crazy. I also have had awful, want to cuss runs and races that come out more intense or flat out, death stare, exhausted on the ground.

G: Have you always been interested in photography or have a background in photography?

BC: I haven’t. I’ve always been interested in capturing moments through pics and writing, but photography and editing is a new love. Incorporating it while being active is where it’s at! I love trying to catch that perfect motion shot, along with all the elements and weather around!

G: What’s the number one key for taking a picture while running – always have a camera?

BC: I think you’ve nailed it. That and laughing through the process. Whatever type of “selfie”, it takes a little humor and humility… On both sides. Photography of movement and “hardship” inspire movement and goals toward the hard. At least that’s what I’m shooting for.

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