Slovenia’s Planko Prepares for the World Run

Preparations for the new season start in October. In the beginning of the season, I run two to three times a week in addition to swimming and cycling. My running sessions are shorter and less intensive. Proper running form is an integral part of my training, especially during the first part of the season, as I’ve got more time to improve it. I pay the most attention to higher cadence and shorter ground contact time. My coach says my form is good only at higher speeds, so I’ll still have to work hard to improve it in the future.

During the autumn months, trainings are not very demanding and there is less interval training. During the week, I usually complete a longer run as well. For my age, this means a distance between 12 and 16 kilometres. If possible, I run on soft surfaces in nature.

In winter, I run three to five times a week. After the new year, my training sessions become longer and I also start doing interval runs to improve my stamina. After longer runs, it is of course necessary that I take time for regeneration in order to avoid injuries. My training session plan is put together very carefully.

In spring, we start cycling outside in nature, so I start running shorter distances. Longer runs are no longer needed, as cycling takes up a large part of my aerobic exercises. However, we do increase the intensity and we often combine running with cycling, as this is an integral part of triathlon.


Competition season starts in April. This year, most of my competitions will take place abroad, even at the European level. I still appreciate competing in my home country, because this is where I began and where I achieved the best results. This is also the reason I am now able to represent Slovenia at the European and international levels.

Ljubljana holds a special place in my heart. The atmosphere is always amazing, so it is probably not a coincidence that Slovenia’s capital hosts numerous recreational and professional sports events throughout the year. I am really looking forward to this year’s Wing for Life running event. I’m preparing for it during my regular training sessions. My plan is to complete a slightly longer training run on that day as it is for charity purposes, so the atmosphere is going to be great.