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Music Controls on the Garmin Device


Imagine you’re just getting into the groove of your 8-mile training run, when your upbeat, uplifting power pop music takes a turn for the sappy, slow song. Who wants to unzip their phone from its protected pocket, get tangled up in the headphones, and potentially sacrifice one of your splits just to change the song? Several of the Garmin sports watches have the ability to initiate music playback commands when paired with a compatible mobile device. The music controls integrate with the default music player application installed on your mobile device and can be used to play, pause, skip and control the volume of audio tracks. The following Garmin devices have this feature:

  • fēnix 3
  • fēnix 3HR
  • Tactix Bravo
  • D2 Bravo
  • Quatix 3
  • vívoactive
  • vívoactive HR
  • vívosmart
  • vívosmart HR
  • vívosmart HR+
  • Forerunner 230/ 235
  • Forerunner 630
  • Forerunner 735XT

To change the default music player on an Android device:

  1. Open the Garmin Connect Mobile app.
  2. Touch the Menu button (3 lines) located in the upper-left corner.
  3. Touch Settings (gear icon).
  4. Select ‘Default Music Player’ Choose the desired app.

For an iOS device:

Make sure you have your Garmin device paired with your compatible phone through Bluetooth, then open your music. For iOS, the default music player is the Apple Music app. Swipe on your device until you get the music control widget, then tap the play button. You can now start, stop, go to the next song and go to the previous song all from your watch. You can also access music while from an activity like running or biking by pressing and holding down in the middle of your watch screen, which will bring up the watch face and allow you to swipe to the music control widget.

Here’s a quick video on how to pair your device to your phone: