Meet Italy’s Gazelle On The Road

We are Paola, Nicole, Maria, Isabella and Claudia free spirits bound by the same passions from Milan.

We are five girls, friends, sport freaks and we share a big dream: run the world!

Since we started running together we felt such a very good vibe: we can’t avoid thinking that we were completely perfect together, even if we knew each other so little.

Our story started one year ago.

Isabella and Paola practiced athletic and they grew up sharing the track and field spirit. Nicole, Maria and Claudia used to play volleyball and they really loved to have a squad goal.

Our paths had magically met and from that moment we realized that we could share our goals: together as one.

We learn so much from our past experiences to become stronger and more confident of us because we have learned to share our experiences on sports fields.

We decided to found Gazzelle on the road and we started running every day for a purpose: we love the feeling that this sport can give us!

We feel so excited before a race and we support each other like a family does: Maria and Claudia ran their first 10k less than one year ago and it was amazing to see their smiles at the finish line. Paola, Nicole and Isabella are working on a big dream: run the marathon, but in the meantime they love running the 21k.

We really like to see our progress and that’s the reason why we use Garmin GPS, every training and every race become a moment to challenge ourself.

We also think that sport connect people and their emotions, the positives and the negatives ones.

We strongly believe that running could help people getting through bad moments beacause when you start running you just feel happy! 


We are very proud to support the Wings For Life event in our city: we can’t wait to run as many kilometers as we can. Every run has a purpose and help people who can’t is the best one, that’s why we also decide to create a special team (Gazzelleontheroad) to join as many people as possible running for the same goal.


Le Gazzelle

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