Love The Run– The First Step is the Best Step– Thoughts From Garmin Athlete Josh Cox

AthleteGet fit; then the run is fun.

I’m not here to tell you running is easy when you’re fit – because it’s not, when you’re doing it right, anyway – but it’s a different sort of pain, one that you grow to love. Once you get on the other side of that initial painstaking fitness climb you’ll be thriving, not just surviving – the sad part is, most give up before they ever reach the promise land.

For many, our potential is buried beneath a life of settling: settling for the easy way, the comfortable way, settling for less than our best. Don’t settle. Don’t compromise. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal; we get one shot to chase our dreams and one body to do it in. Fostering fitness will enhance any pursuit, athletic or otherwise.

610 SEThe common denominator with my most successful friends – from businessmen to big league ballplayers to brokers to writers to NFL stars – is they show up. It sounds simple, but they’ve made a commitment to a particular way of life, one that doesn’t involve settling or taking the easy way. Working out isn’t easy but it is rewarding. We don’t control how much talent we possess but we do control our alarm clocks, how hard we work and how we spend our 24 hours. Control the “controllables” – if you will. Get out the door; show up. The first step is the best step; it’s where intent meets action. Running, cycling, lifting, sweating for that matter, is not an all or nothing proposition. You don’t have to be a world-beater; you just have to want to be better. Make a commitment to your health and your future. Little by little, step-by-step, day-by-day, your body will respond. Make the choice, flip the switch, make it count and make it fun.

Happy Holidays,