vivosmart hr

Listen To Your Heart

When Doris Blatchford bought her husband a vívosmart HR for his birthday, she never knew that one day it would save her own life.

During a recent camping trip, Doris started to experience slight dizziness and a sensation that her heart was fluttering. The Blatchfords quickly jumped into action and put the vívosmart HR on her wrist and watched as the heart rate jumped from normal to 170, back down to 49m up to 80, then down to the 50s, then again up to 140. After monitoring for about 45 minutes, her heart rate continued to be sporadic and they decided it was time to head to the hospital. Upon arrival, an EKG determined Doris was in AFib (Atrial fibrillation). The doctors shocked her heart 3 times and when that didn’t work, they decided to administer a heart medication via IV, which finally returned her heart to a regular rhythm.

The doctors stated that because Doris came in so quickly after identifying a problem, they were able to resolve what could have been a possible stroke, or even death. “I can honestly say that Garmin may have saved my life,” said Doris. “I want every single person who has any heart issues to purchase one, it may save their life.”