The World Marathon Challenge

Imagine running seven marathons in seven days on seven continents. To break it down further, that is running 183.4 miles, in one week, on each continent in the world. The World Marathon Challenge is no easy feat, but 35 year-old Becca Pizzi aims to conquer the challenge to become the first female American to finish. She would test her strength and endurance to show the world that anything you put you mind to is possible. “I love to inspire,” said Pizzi. “It is my goal to show my 8 year-old daughter to believe in yourself.”

Pizzi is an experienced runner who started the sport at age 6 through inspiration from her Father. She has coached with Team in Training, Boston Fit, and currently coaches with the Boston Bulldogs and the Belmont Track Club, which she started. Pizzi said she loves to coach and help runners reach their goals. To achieve her goal, Pizzi has been training for the past year running between 70 and 100 miles per week. She runs in the mornings before her daughter wakes up for school, and then does personal training, yoga for runners and cross-fit after she goes to bed.

Pizzi currently trains with the Forerunner 620, and utilizes the virtual partner feature. “My Garmin will play a vital role during the World Marathon Challenge,” said Pizzi. “I’m aiming to keep a 3:50 pace per marathon and I absolutely love that it’s touchscreen.” All of her training will pay off as she begins her weeklong adventure in Antarctica. She will start at Union Glacier, then Chile- Punta Arenas, Miami- USA, Madrid- Spain, Morocco-Marrakech, Dubai- United Arab Emirates, and finally in Australia- Sydney. “Weather will play a major factor as we are dealing with temperatures below zero in Antarctica, to summer in Australia,” said Pizzi, but being from New England I have trained in it all!” The biggest concern for Pizzi is being without her daughter and loved ones. “She is very proud of me, and tells me to ‘Finish Strong!” said Pizzi.

“I read about this last year and thought that I was born to run this race,” said Pizzi. “I’m very fortunate to have so many people believe in me, its been humbling!” Follow Becca Pizzi’s journey by liking World Marathon Challenge Facebook page and following her blog