Garmin-InsideTracker Combo Provides More Data to Improve Performance

At Garmin we believe our smartwatches are the best in the game. With an elite combination of performance and wellness metrics, including Body Battery™, sleep and stress score, heart rate and Pulse Ox monitoring1 and more, the data available to you at the flick of a wrist allows for endless opportunities to improve. And now we’ve synced up with InsideTracker to gain even more insight into your body’s optimal performance.

InsideTracker analyzes your body’s biomarker data taken from a blood sample to give you ultra-personalized insights and customized action plans for nutrition and fitness. A few times a year, you’ll get a blood test, and your blood biomarkers will be analyzed for a detailed reflection of what’s happening inside your body. InsideTracker’s DNA analysis will provide additional insight into your genetic potential, but you’ll only to be tested once because DNA never changes.

By syncing your compatible Garmin smartwatch with the InsideTracker mobile app, you’ll be able to add the daily, real-time analytics Garmin provides to the regular InsideTracker check-ins for the most complete picture of your body’s performance.

For Olympic runner, author and Garmin pro Alexi Pappas, the combination of InsideTracker and Garmin metrics has been a game changer.

“I was looking at both pieces of the puzzle separately and trying to figure out on my own how the data converge,” she told InsideTracker. “Having the two integrated in the same app is truly next-level for hitting my performance and longevity goals.

To read more about Alexi’s journey with InsideTracker and Garmin, click here.

To take a page out of Alexi’s book, you’ll need a Garmin smartwatch and an InsideTracker plan. To view compatible Garmin smartwatches, click here. To view InsideTracker plans and options for blood tests, click here. Once you’re set up with both, you’ll be well on your way on your mission to beat yesterday.

1This is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition; see Pulse Ox not available in all countries.