Discover Scandinavia Indoors with the Tacx® App

Eight beautiful training films have been added to the Tacx app to get you through the cold winter at home. Explore the scenic landscapes of Scandinavia while you pedal along in your pain cave. Don’t have the Tacx app yet? No worries – keep reading for everything you need to know to get in on the action.

What is the Tacx app?

We all like to ride outside and challenge ourselves on the road — whether the goal is to climb faster on a steep mountain, improve the average speed on your favorite training route or beat the fastest time on that bridge near your house — all while enjoying the beautiful surroundings and discovering places you’ve never been. Unfortunately for most of us, this is not always possible due to weather or time constraints, but we’ve got you covered with the Tacx app for your Tacx® indoor trainer. No more “I can’t train” excuses if the weather gets too erratic; from now on, you never stop cycling.

When you use the Tacx app, the world becomes your playground. Conquer the beautiful Pyrenees while all your performance data is displayed on screen, structure your own workouts, join a ride with live opponents, relive your outdoor tours with 3D GPS map rides and more. It’s not like other third-party training apps — this is a very different kind of training software. The Tacx app contains high-quality films with real-life surroundings and offers efficient and goal-based indoor training. It enables you to ride scenic routes from all over the globe, like beating the steep Stelvio Pass or conquering the cobblestones in Flanders.

Ride virtually in more than 250 locations worldwide

First of all, there is the real-life film section. We aren’t talking about riding a virtual Alpe Du Zwift — we’re talking about actual footage of the Alpe d’Huez, Col du Galibier and many other legendary rides. The app has a library filled with more than 250 beautiful training films from all over the globe. While you see the route passing by on your screen, your Tacx smart trainer simulates the gradient of the road. You’ll feel as if you’re really riding outside in the Dolomites or the Pyrenees. New films are released monthly, so there are always new rides to explore. For those who own a bike trainer from the NEO Smart series, the road feel feature is activated when you are riding on cobblestones, gravel or other unpaved roads. The same goes for the descent simulation feature that speeds up your NEO Smart Trainer when you go downhill. How realistic do you want it to be?

Monitor your data for peak performance

You’re not only using this app to enjoy the crystal-clear footage. You also want to train to get better and push your limits. Your data, speed, power, cadence and heart rate are all displayed on your screen during the training session. Clear graphics of the road gradient, the profile of the course and a GPS map help you to estimate how hard you have to push. After your indoor training session, the data automatically loads to Garmin Connect™, where you can easily analyze your training. You can also opt to automatically upload your workouts to third-party cycling apps to evaluate your results later.

Relive favorite rides

Do you want to relive your outdoor rides indoors too? Like the Gran Tour you did this year or that sunny trip on your holiday? No problem with the Tacx app. Create or sync rides from your Edge® bike computer, through the Garmin Connect app or by linking your Strava account. Experience these GPS tracks in 3D, including the gradient of the actual route. You can also select one of the many GPS rides uploaded by other users, or you can create your own GPS ride with the Route Builder in Garmin Connect, Strava or with an online GPS ride creator. There are no boundaries on where you choose to train: The world is your playground.

Race other riders

To make your training sessions even more challenging, you can compete with live opponents during your ride. Everyone who is riding the same course at the same time will appear on the map on your screen. Like real life, you will try to catch those who are in front of you. To figure out where you can find live opponents, just go to the selection screen of the Tacx films. You’ll notice a live opponent badge on the relevant films. Or why not meet up online with some friends and try to beat them on the same course? There is also the option to select your previous rides and use them as a virtual training partner.

Create your own workouts

Do you want to train for a specific goal or focus on a certain workout? Then create your own workout on your tablet or desktop. With just a few clicks, you can create your training session based on slope, power or functional threshold power (FTP). The ideal way to get your custom-made workout is from pre-existing training blocks with intervals, steady climb workouts or from training in certain power levels from your own FTP test.

Scandinavian challenge

New Tacx app videos are released frequently, and right now we’re loving Scandinavia. Ride the Orust Island Tour, a three-stage tour on the large Swedish island of Orust at the Atlantic coast, characterized by easy rolling hills, fishing villages and some cool bridges. Next, try the two-stage tour round the coastal hills of the scenic Mols Bjerge National Park in Denmark. Finally, round out your Scandinavian trip with a beautiful ride on the Romantic Road in Norway. Nestled at the end of the Lustrafjorden, this three-stage, out-and-back ride will take you back in time to a more traditional Norwegian age.

If you complete all three Scandinavian rides within 21 consecutive days, you will be rewarded with a unique embroidered Scandinavia challenge badge that will be shipped straight to your pain cave. The combined route covers a total distance of 268 kilometers and 2,781 meters of climbing. Check out this link for more details.

Get started with the Tacx app

To get the party started for new customers, we’re offering you a 10-day free trial. You get full access to all the premium features and enough time to test the app to the max. Simply download the Tacx app for free in the app store for your compatible device and log in with your Garmin Connect account. Then connect your Tacx Smart trainer via BLUETOOTH® technology to your device, pick a Tacx film and start your indoor training session. It’s that easy.

After your free trial period, yearly or monthly subscriptions are available for purchase here. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Garmin is under license.