5 Pieces of Advice for Balancing Family and Fitness

Enjoy this guest blog from Garmin Ambassador Bre Carter who shares her advice for making both family and running a priority.

As a mom of four young kids, they are constantly reminding me that this is their best day ever! I’m also reminded that my day can “blow up” several times and still somehow fall back into place by the end of the night. Ironically, both usually happen in the same day. These simple statements and the fact that being a mom is undoubtedly hard, make me want to create my best day and be better than I was yesterday.

Navigating family, work and an active lifestyle is exhausting and yet, very rewarding. I can assure you that I am a better mom, wife and a happier person when I get a good sweat on. When I’m out running and pushing boundaries, I feel an instant recharge of life and gratitude for all that comes with it. It makes me feel strong, beautiful, and see success and beauty in hard things. I also feel that sense of accomplishment that every parent craves. I believe kids notice and see that hard work can lead to success and learning opportunities.

Here are 5 suggestions that have helped me be able to balance family, while still having energy and time to make my crazy running goals a priority.

1. Get your spouse on board. Both of you need healthy outs with shared time throughout the week. I try and run before mine leaves for work. When it doesn’t happen, cause kids wake, too sleepy, too cold, etc., I’ve ran with kids in the jogger stroller, taken them to a friends and swapped, they’ve come to the gym with me or I’ve resorted to an at home workout. Don’t let the excuses win.

2. Make and love your plan B, C and maybe even D. Because plan A is a great idea that seems to disappear easily. As mentioned in previous examples, roll with the punches. Be stoked to have one of your plans be a success.

3. Your body and mind are SO much tougher than you think. Yes, listen to them, but I promise you’ll never regret the workout that you thought you were too tired for. Like that one time I ran more consecutive hours than I had slept that night. Kids and marathon training proves no joke. Exhaustion is the most common battle. Work for that plan B nap. ?

4. Find friends with common goals and rely on each other. When you have to meet someone at the corner to run at 6am, it’s a lot tougher to bail. It’s also instant hardship sympathy and some of the greatest friends you’ll have.

5. Head up and take pride in the little successes along the way. It’s all fuel and momentum for reaching your goal. I have a quote in my kitchen that says, “Take pride in how far you have come. Have faith in how far you can go.” An exciting goal will have an exciting journey. So set one and enjoy the ride.

Motherhood rules. Recharge and let’s beat yesterday, one day, and one step at a time.

We got this,

Bre Carter