Why Jason Christie Switched to Garmin

Jason Christie, who won the 2014 Bassmaster Elite Series event at Lake Dardanelle, hasn’t been with Garmin that long, but definitely doesn’t regret switching. At the end of the 2015 season Jason was ranked the world’s 9th best fisherman according to BassFan and believes his Garmin electronics played a huge part in helping him stay in the top 10.

So what were the major reasons he switched to Garmin? Here is what he said:

  1. Panoptix – Having the ability to scan the water in front of my boat in real-time allows me to find fish that I never would have seen with traditional sonar. If the fish aren’t there, Panoptix will tell me that they aren’t there and I can move on to my next spot. It saves so much time during a tournament and helps me make decisions to stay or go.
  2. LakeVü HD Ultra mapping – LakeVü HD Ultra offers the amazing precision and detail that Christie needs when planning his tournament strategies. It also provides valuable insight into bottom structure. With over 13,000 HD lakes with 1-foot contours and 99 MaxDef lakes on some of the most popular fisheries, you are sure to have a leg-up on the competition.

For more on why Jason made the switch to Garmin, make sure to watch the video below.

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