Cameron Hanes Shares His Best Elk Hunting Tip

We recently spoke with fitness enthusiast and ultimate bowhunter Cameron Hanes, and he shared a great elk hunting tip with us, though it’s one that can be used for bowhunting just about any big game animal on the planet!

When hunting elk, people get so intimidated by the moment. It’s crunch time and you get your shot opportunity. It’s what you’ve been practicing for all year. You’ve dreamt about it for years.

When I first started bowhunting, I got so wound up that I would draw back and not even know what pin I used. The bull would crash off and I wouldn’t have any idea what happened. I would basically black out from the adrenaline rush.

It all comes down to making a good decision within about a 10-second timespan. That bull is coming in and you’re at full draw. The biggest thing you can do is take a deep breath, exhale and relax your shoulders. Just tell yourself to relax, stay calm, do what you’ve practiced and really get in the moment.

I really focus on the spot I want to hit and wait for that broadside shot, the only shot I’ll take, and I wait for that leg to move forward so I can put the arrow right in that pocket and hit his vitals. I just don’t mess up anymore and it’s because I stay calm.

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