Introducing G3000H: Integrated Flight Deck for Part 27 VFR/IFR Turbine Helicopter Market

Introducing the G3000H, an IFR-capable integrated flight deck specifically designed for Part 27 turbine helicopters. The forward-fit G3000H offers a number of features, including WAAS/SBAS, ILS approach capability, VFR and IFR helicopter charts and Connext wireless integration. It’s also equipped for ADS-B In/Out, offers visual approach guidance and an HSI map. The G3000H touchscreen interface boasts superior in-flight features and benefits that reduce pilot workload, providing this class of helicopters with the best situational awareness tools available on the market today.

“The G3000H blends a superior feature set and safety-minded technology into a contemporary platform for the VFR/IFR turbine helicopter market,” said Carl Wolf, vice president of aviation marketing and sales. “With the G3000H, we’re excited to bring IFR capabilities in an advanced integrated flight deck and further expand our product offering so our partners have even more options within this class of helicopters.”

Built with a flexible and scalable architecture that can be tailored to a variety of helicopter designs, the G3000H combines widescreen, high-resolution displays with touchscreen controls that serve as the pilot interface to the integrated flight deck. The landscape-oriented displays offer immediate access to critical in-flight information in a consolidated, easy-to-read format. The G3000H also features pilot-selectable split-screen capability that allows for two or more separate pages to be displayed simultaneously, so pilots can easily access valuable decision-making information on a single screen.

The G3000H boasts additional features and optional capabilities, including:

We are also pleased to announce that the G3000H will be featured on the new Kopter SH09 helicopter, which will consist of dual landscape-oriented displays and a single touchscreen controller. The SH09 offers superior performance for hot and high operations, as well as a low noise signature in an all new, state-of-the-art helicopter design.

The G3000H is supported by our award-winning aviation product support team, which provides 24/7 worldwide technical and warranty support. For additional information about the G3000H integrated flight deck or our complete line of helicopter products, visit