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G5: Economical, Practical and Versatile

We first announced the G5 electronic flight instrument at Sun ‘N Fun 2016 to give a powerful, yet affordable instrument to experimental and light sport aircraft owners. Initially launched as a backup to our G3X Touch™ experimental flight display or a simple, economical primary EFIS with autopilot-pairing capabilities, G5 quickly grabbed the attention of more than just experimental aircraft drivers.

A few months later, at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, we introduced the G5 to the type-certificated, fixed-wing aircraft market as a cost-effective primary or back-up attitude indicator or turn coordinator. Owners of thousands of certificated aircraft now had an easy path to replace older, vacuum-driven equipment with a modern “glass” solution.

Garmin G5 electronic flight instrument for certificated, fixed-wing aircraft.

We didn’t stop there. With a goal of providing even more situational awareness in the cockpit, we certified the G5 as a replacement heading indicator/directional gyro or horizontal situation indicator. Additionally, when paired with select VHF Nav/Comms or GPS navigators (additional equipment required), G5 also provides course guidance, as well as distance and groundspeed indications.

But we weren’t done yet. We developed a revolutionary new retrofit autopilot system — the GFC 500 — that uses the G5 to input and display attitude preselect, heading bug, vertical speed bug, airspeed target and flight director command bars. Plus, it even plays well with certain non-Garmin autopilots; using our new GAD 29B adapter, G5 can provide heading output to select third-party autopilots.

With G5, the sky really is the limit. Boasting an approved model list that includes hundreds of certificated GA aircraft, plus experimental/light sport applications, this instrument is versatile and affordable. Learn more about the many configurations and variations this electronic flight instrument offers at garmin.com/aviation.