Jayco chooses premium RV OEM infotainment system powered by Garmin Navigation and FUSION Entertainment for its 2018 fleet

Garmin is excited to announce RV-BBT601, an advanced OEM infotainment system designed for recreational vehicles (RVs) featuring best-in-class navigation from Garmin, and audio powered by FUSION Entertainment, a Garmin brand. The first portable system of its kind, the RV-BBT601 is an in-dash solution that can easily be removed and used to access applications or control the entertainment from anywhere in the RV. Jayco, a subsidiary of Thor Industries, the sole owner of operating subsidiaries that, combined, represent one of the world’s largest manufacturers of recreational vehicles, has selected the RV-BBT601 for its 2018 fleet and effective immediately, will offer the infotainment system as standard equipment on a select line of motorized RVs.

“An all-in-one infotainment solution for open-road and camping enthusiasts, the RV-BBT601 is loaded with RV-friendly features and boasts a compelling industrial design that’s beneficial for both the end-user and the installing manufacturer,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “We’re excited to partner with Jayco to bring leading Garmin navigation technology and FUSION entertainment expertise to their customers with an integrated system that’s both feature-packed and easy to use.”

The RV-BBT601 features an easy-to-read 6-inch touchscreen display with a magnetic mount so it can easily be docked for navigation or undocked for remote use anywhere in the RV or for remote trip planning. For added convenience, the dock features quick-access media control buttons for easy and safe adjustment while driving. When docked, the RV-BBT601 will initialize an intuitive driving mode where drivers can easily access navigation, back-up camera, music and hands-free Bluetooth calling functionality.

No two adventures are the same so the RV-BBT601 features customized RV routing so drivers can find the most efficient route to their destination. Users simply enter the applicable information and destination and a route will be determined based on the height, weight, length and width of the vehicle. The RV-BBT601 also includes RV-related restrictions, such as bridge heights, sharp curves and related information for most major roads and highways. Drivers will hear and see these helpful warnings, which can help prepare them for upcoming descents, ascents and more. They’ll also have access to upcoming elevation information pertaining to their route in preparation for possible steep grades, and a comprehensive directory of RV parks and services which can be filed based on preferred amenities.

Doubling as both a navigator and an entertainment source, the RV-BBT601 will control the entertainment system for the RV with a four-zone AM/FM/Bluetooth/USB system. When undocked, it also becomes a powerful wireless remote for the entertainment system. And thanks to its wireless connectivity, it can also be used for web browsing, email and other internet-connected applications. Connect any compatible Bluetooth smartphone or media device with the RV-BBT601 for endless streaming of music and entertainment services with superior sound quality. Thanks to multi-zone technology, independent control of audio in different areas of the RV is possible, allowing for a customized listening experience to suit any occasion.

The RV-BBT601 infotainment system is available now on select Jayco models, including Greyhawk®, Greyhawk Prestige, Melbourne®, Seneca®, Alante® and Precept®.