How to Receive Weather Information on Your Nüvi Device


Keeping an eye on weather conditions is an important safety measure for drivers, especially on long road trips. The last thing you want to happen after hours behind the wheel is to be surprised by severe weather. Luckily, select Garmin nüvi devices1 allow you to receive real-time weather information and alerts right on your device2. All you have to do is download our Smartphone Link app and connect your smartphone to your nüvi via Bluetooth. Basic weather forecasts and current conditions are available free and advanced weather information is available through an in-app purchase option. Here’s how the weather feature works:

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First, download the Smartphone Link app in the App Store or Google PlayⓇ. Once downloaded, you will be able to connect your smartphone and nüvi via Bluetooth. To connect, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth function and place the phone near your nüvi. Tap on the device’s name that you’d like to pair with your phone. Your phone will show “paired” or “connected” when both devices are linked.

To access the weather menu on your nüvi, simply press the bottom right button on the maps page (seen above), followed by ‘weather’. Here you will be able to view the hourly forecast and temperature for your current location.

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If you want more in-depth weather information, you can purchase the Advanced Weather add-on. This feature gives you an up-to-date weather report with animated radar images, severe weather alerts, and current conditions all displayed on your nüvi. Advanced weather can be purchased within the Smartphone Link app for $4.99/year. To view these features, go to the main weather menu and there you will see three different icons that allow you to access different functionalities.

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The first button within Advanced Weather displays live radar images. Zoom in to see the weather around you or zoom out to see the entire map. Your car icon will always be visible so you’ll know where you are within the radar.

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Press the exclamation mark to view current weather advisories issued by the National Weather Service.  This is an ideal feature to have for car trips to ensure you are not driving into dangerous conditions. Warnings and watches, as well as other alerts, are separated by color so that you can be aware of the conditions around you.

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With our current conditions feature, you’ll know exactly what you are driving into. Seven different colors distinguish road conditions and remind you to be extra cautious while driving in these areas.

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Lastly, our weather alerts feature provides pop-up notifications that appear at the top of the map view if any watches or warnings are issued for your region.

1 Bluetooth® enabled smartphone and nüvi device required.

2 Not available in all areas. Subscriptions required. Contact your mobile service provider for more information about your service plan’s data and roaming rates.