Across America With Al Roker


If you’re going on a road trip, your must-haves include snacks, water and a personal navigation device. A reliable device can easily navigate your drive, record your drive, and enhance driver awareness and experience overall.

When NBC’s resident weather anchor, Al Roker, went out to set a new Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest time to report the weather forecast from all 50 US states, he used the nüviCam LMTHD for help and assistance on the road. Roker’s RV cruiser was equipped with a nüviCam that guided him and his crew on their journey. “Rokerthon 2” started November 6, 2015, and concluded on November 13, 2015, as the TODAY Show weatherman made his way across America to report the forecast in each state. His nüviCam helped along the way by recording the drive and provided detailed maps of North America for directions and utilized the HD Digital Traffic feature to offer traffic avoidance solutions.


Other features of the nüviCam that Roker had at his disposal included the integrated dash cam, forward collision warnings, lane departure alerts, voice-activated navigation and Garmin Real Vision, which displays the camera view with a bright arrow to direct drivers where to go as they approach their selected destination. These key features helped Al Roker set the Guinness World Record and ensured a safe and timely arrival at each location.

Al signed the nüviCam that helped in their journey and we were proud to be a part of his adventure! Also, a big thank you to Sean Reis, Producer, NBC News – The TODAY Show for making this possible.