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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Alert 21113 Rev B: Inoperative Backup Battery Indication


Added Resolution


Garmin G5 Electronic Flight Instruments with software version 7.10 (and earlier) installed in Experimental and Light-Sport Aircraft installed with a backup battery with the ‘Show Battery Status’ configuration set to ‘When Using Battery’ are affected.

This Service Alert does not apply to certified G5 installations. Certified G5 installations must follow approved AFMS procedures.


The G5 will not show the battery status field (or only intermittently show the battery status field) in response to an inoperative battery or battery fault.


Do the following before any flight into Instrument Flight Conditions (IMC):

  1. Push the Power button on the G5 attitude indicator.
  2. Make sure the battery status indicator is green on the G5 attitude indicator. (see images in linked Alert below)

If a green battery status is not shown, or no battery is detected, do not fly into IMC.


This issue has been fixed in G5 Software Version 7.70. Refer to Garmin Service Bulletin 21107.

Garmin recommends the steps described in the Action section be followed before any flight into IMC for all G5 software versions. This will be documented in a future revision of the G5 Electronic Flight Instrument Pilot’s Guide for Non-Certified Aircraft (Garmin P/N 190-02072-00).

Service Alert 21113 Rev B