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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Alert 1906: GSU 75/75B AHRS Reset During Flight


Garmin G500/G600 TXi systems with Integrated Standby System and GSU 75/75B Software Versions 2.05 and earlier are affected.

Integrated Standby System can be identified by referring to Section 2.9 of the AFMS G500/G600 TXi P23 AML STC (190-01717-B2).


Under extremely rare conditions, when the GSU 75/75B is operating in Reversionary Mode, the GSU 75/75B units may simultaneously reset during significant accelerations/decelerations such as those experienced during takeoff and landing.

This issue does not occur when the AHRS is operating in Primary Mode.

A GSU 75/75B reset during flight will not result in misleading data.


Determine suitable operating conditions in consideration of a possible dual AHRS reset.


This issue has been fixed in GSU 75/75B Software Version 2.06. Contact your local dealer for implementation of Garmin Service Bulletin 1907.

Service Alert 1906