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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Alert 1478: LP and LPV Approaches

 G5000-equipped Cessna Citation Sovereign 680 and Citation X 750 aircraft, and G3000-equipped Cessna Citation M2 and Cessna Citation CJ3 aircraft with navigation database cycle 1413 or earlier are affected.


Aircraft with navigation database cycle 1413 Rev 2 and later are not affected by this bulletin.

 RNP (Required Navigation Performance) data included in only some LP and LPV approach data causes the scale factor of the CDI (Course Deviation Indicator) to be incorrect.  The incorrect scale factor affects the displayed course error on the CDI.

 Until navigation database cycle 1413 Rev 2 or cycle 1501 (or later) are loaded, do not fly LP or LPV approaches that annunciate “RNP” near the center of the HSI when the active waypoint is the final approach fix (FAF) or the aircraft is on final approach inside the FAF. Use of the flight director or autopilot are not affected.  A list of these approaches is attached to the end of this service alert.

Download 1478A